5 Crucial Wayfinding Systems Information You Must Know

Most people consider health facilities inherently complex places. With the current decentralized way of delivering healthcare, most patients find it nerve-wracking to navigate through various locations in one visit. Wayfinding systems offer a cutting-edge solution to solve this problem. Continue reading for crucial additional information on this system.

What is a wayfinding system? 

Wayfinding is a state of the art technology that solves the spatial problem in a building or a particular environment. The system helps you to pinpoint your present location, where you are headed and helps you with the best route to get to your destination. It works on several principles.

Why health facilities require wayfinding system? 

Studies indicate that frustration of getting lost is the leading complaint filed by visitors in most healthcare institutions. The disorientation that comes with getting lost adds more salt to an already existing injury. Initially, the visitors take the blame for getting lost. However, some redirect their frustration to the health institution. If not well managed, this negative publicity degrades your brand reducing client confidence and trust.

Most healthcare facilities adopted the use of more signs. After a while, they soon discovered that more words worsen the problem. Signs alone are not enough. There is a need to comprehend how patients receive information, understand the medical procedures and interact with the institution.

How Wayfinding Systems Help? 

Wayfinding solutions integrate the information the patient gets on their appointment card with points and directions to assist them to find their destination. When they arrive at the facility, the interactive digital maps coupled with trained employed offer them direction guidelines. Currently, the tools have been tried in many complex facilities. They have also been used with traditional signage.

What strategies are necessary for effective Wayfinding?

Here are a few strategies you should employ in your facility to get the best out of Wayfinding program:

  • Enhance your visitors’ navigation experience by making their journey smooth and engaging.
  • Your design must be flexible and consistent.
  • Request visitors for feedback to identify strengths and areas that require improvement.
  • Ensure your design is not only universally understandable but also culturally acceptable.
  • Regular maintenance is paramount.
  • Market your brand by incorporating the facility’s values and mission.
  • Tell a story in your design.

The system may seem simple to read. However, there is more than it meets the eye to make them operational. Fortunately, their complexity has undoubted positive experience on visitors. Designing them to suit your facility requires collaboration and understanding to fully integrate the system with behavioural patterns of countless users. Get in touch with Touch Source quality Wayfinding systems.