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6 Interesting Museums Worth a Visit in Yogyakarta

If you are planning to go on a trip to Yogyakarta, the museum can be on your to-go list.  Here are 6 interesting museums worth a visit in Yogyakarta.

  1. Vredeburg Fort Museum

The museum is based in the heart of Jogja, at the zero kilometer neighborhoods to be exact. The memorial, which initially was a fortress throughout the colonialism era, was built in Dutch architectural design style. The building then became a place to maintain the history of Indonesia in the form of dioramas, which are telling stories about the struggle of the heroes from battling against the colonialist. Also, there are collections of photographs, uniforms, and heritages from each side of the heroes and the colonialist, all lined in neat rows from the rooms indoors.

  1. Batik Museum

One benefit of visiting Batik Museum is you'll be capable of recognizing and knowing more about batik. The museum curates many collections of batik from several regions in Indonesia. Sorts of batik motifs fabrics and gear are stored neatly. It'll undoubtedly be the right reference if you want to learn more about batik and its own history.

  1. Sonobudoyo Museum

You can tell Sonobudoyo Museum is the time tunnel to the past. It's because the collections stored in the memorial are diverse and got from the past. There are many artifacts like sculptures, ceramics, pottery, traditional weapons, keris (Indonesia's traditional dagger), and even more. The witnesses of the history of the past are here to locate. Although many things can be found in history books, seeing and facing them in person will make a difference. Visiting Sonobudoyo Museum will be a brand new experience that feels much more real.

  1. Affandi Museum

Affandi was a world maestro of modern painting. His works, mostly paintings, are displayed in the memorial gallery that used to be his residence. The heritage that is displayed includes not only arts but additionally other legacies like the automobile he used to push. Additionally, the museum also includes other works from his loved ones and co-workers. The distinctive shape of the building and the beautiful air become the unique attraction of the museum, which will be on the banks of the Gajah Wong River.

  1. Ullen Sentalu Museum

Searching for a trendy, beautiful, and natural memorial setting? You can visit the Ullen Sentalu Museum. A variety of kinds of Javanese culture, especially those connected to the royal family, are displayed here. With its distinctive architecture of the building and inside along with the shady natural setting, Ullen Sentalu Museum is capable of providing an enjoyable museum setting as opposed to other museums generally.

  1. Aerospace Museum

Officially named as "Museum Dirgantara Mandala" (the term' dirgantara' signifies 'aerospace'), the memorial stores the history of air support and aviation in Indonesia. There are collections of the aviation world, like sorts of an airplane, photographs, paintings, historical dioramas of the Indonesian Air Force, uniforms, plaque tributes, and many others.