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6 Secret Beaches in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is blessed with a set of enchanting and exotic beaches that are unknown to many and waiting to be found. There, you'll find over 60 beaches which invite adventurers on a last beach-hopping encounter to discover the surreal and majestic shoreline. If you feel the beaches here are as mainstream as those in Bali, you couldn't be more wrong. In Yogyakarta, you do get to enjoy rugged landscapes blue waters and sunburnt sand but other organic wonders with its own sunflower area or better yet a beach waterfall! Eager to know more? Let us take you on a trail along the secret beaches in Yogyakarta!

  1. Nguluran Beach

This beach provides endless sea views which will surely remind you of Bali's legendary Uluwatu. Don't expect it to be just another regular cliffside shore as here you are ensured a special and one of a kind quality that is difficult to find elsewhere around Indonesia. By standing over the sea, come and examine your acrophobia and watch the waves crash! Can you feel the rush?! Once there, you can even find other quirky photo spots like a large chair on the edge of the cliff.

  1. Wedi Ombo Beach

Always wanted to have a dip into the sea but wind up becoming washed by the continuous waves? In the Wedi Ombo Beach at Gunungkidul, you can soak at the salt water as you watch the sun sink into the horizon. Surrounded by coral stones that are piled, you might even start to believe that the lagoon at Wedi Ombo Beach is man-made. Be skeptical of the wave levels here, however. Tides are seen to overflow into the lake, bringing its waves. In the worst case scenario, the sudden gush of water creates a current strong enough to pull on people towards the ocean, causing injuries and possibly hitting coral rocks.

  1. Banyu Tibo Beach

This small nook of heaven feels like it is worlds apart from the hustle and bustle of the city. But as you're there, you don't want to overlook the waterfall! As they get to enjoy the water flowing into the ocean and farther cascading in the cliff down into the sand stretch In Banyu Tibo Beach, visitors are left speechless by the beauty and wonder of Mother Nature. The waterfall winds its way through a rock crevasse into the sea. The waters are turquoise and thus don't miss the views from the cliff's top!

  1. Sunflower Garden at Samas Beach

This sunflower backyard is a novel selfie place that has become an instant sensation on Instagram. Though not unusually large and located only 5 minutes from Pantai Samas (a humdrum beach that the majority of people fail ), this sunflower garden that blooms all year has attracted nearly 2000 people every day during the peak season. Curious about why this location is a hit? Come visit and discover out yourself!

  1. Lighthouse in Pandansari Beach

Sitting mighty and high at over 30 meters in height, the Pandansari Beach at Bantul is home to the lighthouse at the region of Yogyakarta. Still, in performance, visitors are allowed to scale up its staircase during the day to enjoy a bird's eye view of the shore at seven stories. This location is famous for its dragonfruit plantations. You won't overlook the patches of glowing red looking down from the very top of this lighthouse. Visitors pick ripe dragonfruit straight from the trees and can actually roam the gardens around ! And don't miss the grayish sands. Through the dry seasons between April and September, the trees shed most of their leaves, leaving behind a sight that reminds you of fall in Japan.

  1. Hang on a Thread on a'Cable Cart' at Timang Beach

It exhibits a view of waves crashing into coral stones and cliffs. And that is not all of it -- if you are an adrenaline junkie, you will love to try out the cable car. Visitors can test their courage by tapping onto Watu Panjang Island onto a wooden table cart' tied together on pulleys which aren't made with the usual steel cables, but with fabric rope! Originally used as a method of transportation by lobster fishermen, those brave enough to survive dangling above waves may bring back a lobster for dinner!

Before you hit there, you could encounter several street signs pointing you to Timang Beach along the road, but do avoid following them as they direct you to scammers trying to convince you to take the jeep to the shore (they will tell you that the road conditions are too bad for automobiles ), even though it is physically possible for cars to drive in. Use this unmarked street entry, and you will be able to drive down a road all the way. Following the street signs will lead you your car would be unable to push through.