7 Business Ideas That Don't Require Employees

The “Lean Startup” model of business has taken off over the last few years, and it’s really easy to see why.

These kinds of businesses are intentionally kept simple, straightforward, and with low overhead and expenditures, designed specifically to produce the highest level of financial return without having to expand beyond the capabilities of a handful of employees – and ideally, just one owner/operator and a whole host of outsourced contractors doing the rest of the heavy lifting.

The culture of the “solopreneur” is growing and growing, especially since the power of modern technology and the reach all over the world the internet has provided becomes so ubiquitous.

If you’ve been dreaming about running this kind of operation they’ll want to check out the seven business ideas that don’t require ANY employees that we highlight below. Use these to lay the foundation of your financial future!


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This is probably the easiest of all the employee free businesses to get started with, giving you the opportunity to literally dive right into the world of freelancing so that you can generate an income based off the skills you already possess while working for anyone you want, and as much or as little as you want.

Virtual Coaching

Virtual coaching is similar to freelancing, though these kinds of businesses usually don’t require you to produce any sort of “work product”. You’ll use tools like Skype and email to communicate with your clients, and you’ll coach them up in a variety of different areas without having to bring on any employees.

Errand services for senior citizens

Elderly people in the United States understand exactly how difficult it is to care for themselves after they hit a certain age, but do not want to give up their freedom or their independence (for obvious reasons). Offering a little bit of help here and there taking care of routine chores including cooking, cleaning, shopping, and yardwork can be a lucrative and helpful career that never requires you to hire any employees.

Starting up a microbrewery

The microbrewery industry is as popular today in the United States as it’s ever been, and demand is still continuing to outpace the supply. Bootstrapping a microbrewery can be done – especially if you intentionally keep things small and simple – with the potential to grow into something much larger later down the line if that’s of interest.

Personal training

A lot of employers are looking for ways to cut down dramatically on healthcare costs, and more and more people are looking for ways to fight back against the obesity epidemic that we are all dealing with right now. Freelance personal training sessions can often be covered by health insurance, which allows you to charge decent rates right out of the gate, and this is the kind of operation you can start on a shoestring budget with no help at all.

Special delivery service

You have all you need is a reliable mode of transportation, and online platform and mobile service that works effectively, and a willingness to carry out special deliveries in your local area (and potentially beyond) and you can generate a sizable income almost out of thin air without any employees.

Marketing and advertising consulting

The driver of all business is marketing and advertising, and there isn’t a business owner on the planet that would like help trying to bring in more customers, make more sales, and earn more money. Learn how to drive business for a couple of different market segments and industries and you’ll be able to print your own money almost on autopilot without any employees.

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