Add Beauty And Cost to your house With Ipe Decking

While cedar plank creates beautiful decks, if you would like added value and sturdiness, you should think about using ipe for that decking material.

What's Ipe?


Ipe, that is pronounced ee-pay, is a kind of wood grown in South Usa. It's also called Brazilian walnut which is employed for decking material, siding furniture, staircases along with other structures. It's a hard, strong wood, that is more resistant against dry rot, damage from insects, abrasions and alterations in the elements than other forest.

Ipe decking in La is really a less costly option than teak for implementing like a building material which is much sturdier than most forest because it is denser and as much as five occasions harder. Its natural color is medium to brownish, much like mahogany, but it needs to be stained because when it ages, it might be a silver color. When accustomed to develop a deck, it features a lifespan of approximately 4 decades, but it can last as long as 75 years.

Adds Value

Despite the fact that ipe is much more costly than cedar plank decking, its characteristics provide more quality for your house. It's not only, however the durability of ipe decking in Bay Area means that you will not need to replace it all for many years and it is fireresistant. Ipe includes a Class A rating, which resembles steel and concrete with regards to fire resistance. It is important for houses in heavily wooded areas to possess this added fire protection to supply here we are at the occupants to get at safety.


It is also low maintenance, in order lengthy as it's been stained, there is not a lot more that should be completed to ensure that it stays in good shape. Although it must be imported from South Usa, ipe decking in Bay Area is instantly open to San Francisco Bay Area residents for building strong deck inclusions in their houses. Because the weather in northern California could be moist and awesome, ipe is a great choice as it is more safe from nature's elements than cedar plank.

Attractive Decking Option

Whether you've got a home having a modern design or one that's classical, ipe decking in La is a great choice. It features a tight grain and it has less knots than cedar plank, therefore the decks, siding or furniture produced from ipe is gorgeous. Decking may be used to extend your indoor spaces by opening in france they or sliding glass doorways leading about it when you are entertaining buddies and family.

If you like the outside, creating a deck on your home enables you to definitely enjoy and relax watching nature surrounding you. Ipe decking usually stays beautiful for many decades, supplying added financial and intrinsic value to your house.