Which is the Best Cryptocurrency for Online Gaming Needs?

The cryptocurrency arena has come out of the shadows to emerge as a mainstream method for various kinds of financial transactions. The beauty of cryptocurrency has been its ability to break into several new areas. The latest has been its introduction into the crypto games arena.

Making their mark in the online gaming arena

The areas where Bitcoin and altcoins have been making there mark has been the online gaming and gambling industry. The connection tends to appear as a natural match based on the fact that both have been known to operate making use of online platforms. Both would be attracting a crossover market of consumers. Several games have been using different forms of in-game coins. However, you would be required to see how they could be merging these specific coin features with actual digital currencies.

The convenience alone would not be adequate for progressing involvement of cryptocurrency in the online gaming industry. They have been demanding for something better. It would be pertinent to mention here that decentralization brought them on a single platform. Several studies have been conducted whereby it was found that a majority of gamers were eager to make use of cryptocurrency within the online gaming industry provided they were given an option. It would be pertinent to mention here that convenience and demand looked forward to provide ideal rationale for the combination. However, the question to ponder upon would be which cryptocurrency would be ideal for online gaming?

The best cryptocurrency for online gaming

Find below the popular cryptocurrencies for Ethereum Games needs.

  • Bitcoin

The benefits of using Bitcoin would be it being widely accepted cryptocurrency in the present market. Several online gaming websites have been specifically aimed at Bitcoin users in order to make the online users compatible to several gaming platforms using Bitcoin.

The drawbacks of Bitcoin usage would entail rising transaction fees within the online gaming arena. Huge demand of Bitcoin incurs huge transaction fees as compared to other available cryptocurrencies.

  • Litecoin

The benefits of Litecoin would be lower transaction fees. Moreover, it could be mined easily than Bitcoin. It would make it ideal for online gamers looking forward to transferring coins between accounts frequently.

The drawbacks would entail Bitcoin being more popular option that Litecoin. It would imply less usage of this cryptocurrency option.

  • Dash

The benefits would entail instantaneous transactions making them convenient for gamers. It would be perfect for quick-paced online gaming arena.

The drawback is the cryptocurrency not readily available to gamers.