Bringing the Best Floor Buffers at your Home

You have spent handsomely on your floors. Obviously, you would expect to retain the polish as long as possible. Good floor buffers are the only solution in this area of your interest to keep the floors clean. The rotating round scrub brings back the shine each time you apply the floor buffer on the marble or tile floor. So after investing on the floors of your home bring the best floor buffer for home use.

Buying Consideration

If you have taken care of certain points while buying any floor buffer, then you have made a good purchase. The Power is very important so decide you require 1HP or 2HP floor buffer. The machine can be easily used. It is quite evident that you would buy the floor buffer according to the size and type of your floor. In addition, you should note how many persons are regularly using that space.

Common Mistakes

This is a world of speed and you need to finish up everything as quick as possible. So never make the mistake of not considering the time you can spend with your floor buffer to clean the floor.

Best 3 products

There are quite a number of good floor buffers available in the market. Let us see three very effective floor buffers.

  1. Oreck Commercial ORB550MC Floor Machine: The most effective and versatile floor machine that can be used in any type of floor. Build-in technology leaves no marks after cleaning.


  • Comfortably usable for any types of cleaning. The machine is an ideal selection of domestic use.


  • No provision to control speed and has only a year warranty.
  1. Bissell Spin wave Plus Hard Floor Cleaner: Without any damage, you can clean any delicate floor. It comes with a pair of spinning pads and cleans linoleums, vinyl or any tiles of your home.


  • Comes with adjustable handles and can be comfortably used.


  • The machine vibrates if not aligned properly.
  1. Pullman Holt Gloss Bass Floor Scrubber and Polisher: Designed especially for the hard floors. It is an excellent selection for commercial purpose.


  • It is compact and light weighted and can be easily handled.


  • Durability has not been proved yet.

By now you must be well aware of all the fact before buying a floor buffer for your home.