Why you should buy the new chevy cruze

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If you are considering to buy a new car, the new Chevy Cruze in Baltimore is a perfect choice. First, the Chevy Cruze has been recommended by consumer reports as an ideal compact car. However, that is not the only reason you should buy the new Chevy Cruze in Baltimore.

Here are top striking reasons why buying the new Chevy Cruze is worthwhile.

Economical on fuel consumption

If you are like most car enthusiasts, a good car is not only good-looking but also fuel efficient. For an economical daily driver, the new Chevy Cruze does not disappoint. The sedan has a stop-start feature which helps the automatic model to give you efficient gas mileage.

On average, it delivers 30mpg in the city and 40mpg while on the highway.

Spacious Design 

The new Chevy Cruze is as spacious as any other modern, medium-sized sedan. The driver’s seat, for instance, has enough room for tall persons. It backseats also offer ample of space for comfortable leg stretching. The trunk of the sedan is also spacious to accommodate extra stuff.

High Safety Profile

The new Chevy Cruze on sale in Baltimore is engineered with safety in mind and offers effective crash prevention. It has a five-star score on safety ratings, which was recorded during its first premier model testing. Also, it has world-class braking performance, as well as a blind zone alert technology, and forward collision warning to prevent crashes.

Teen Driver Mode

The available models of the new Chevy Cruze include a teen driver mode that ensures the safety of young drivers under the supervision of their parents. The teen driver mode comes with an inbuilt speed limit feature and a tracking system to ensure the safety of teen drivers.

OnStar Communications System

The new Chevy Cruze on sale in Baltimore features a standard OnStar Communications System with 4G Wi-Fi capabilities for on the road assistance. It makes real-time driving assistance a possibility where you can receive directions on the go. The new Chevy Cruze is not only an economical car but a responsive and fun drive that inspires confidence too.

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