Download delights with SaveFrom.Net

Today, online video resources have varieties of videos to offer for the users starting from normal music videos, food and recipe videos to movie or game clippings. However, internet connection is indispensable in order to watch these videos online. This can be problematic at times when the internet connection is too slow to stream videos that may create undesirable buffering or what is worse, the online videos do not run at all without internet. In order to make video viewing simpler without any necessity of internet, various video download apps have arrived in the tech market. One of the most popularly used YouTube video download apps is SaveFrom.Net that makes it very much easier to watch videos in the system without internet.

Details of downloads for videos: SaveFrom.Net is actually a helper add-on by which any one can download a YouTube video by pasting the link in the SaveFrom.Net webpage. However, there are various Save From alternatives for Mac software as well. Some of the very popularly used of these are:

  • Elmedia Player PRO: This is more of an app or rather a multifunctional free media player compatible with for Mac software. It can download various types of videos in various formats and extensions, such as HTML5 and RTMP based videos too, from the browsers. These videos can later be viewed by the user by opening the Elmedia player. Elmedia player even opens AirPlay videos as well.
  • Folx Download Manager: This is an adaptable video download manager that can download from YouTube and iTunes as well. This follows a similar installation procedure as well that involves, downloading and installing Folx followed by copying the video link into the “Quick Add” box after which, the user will just have to select the format and quality. The videos will be downloaded as per customized setting of the user.
  • Airy: This is an exclusive YouTube video downloader that is again a Mac-based app. A user can directly go into the YouTube login through this app and download complete playlists, channels and videos from YouTube. In fact, the videos carry extra security features based on age and content as well.
  • Other video downloader alternatives: Apart from the above-mentioned main video downloading app, there are some other apps as well, such as,, an online app that allows downloading of video online through pasting URL saved from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and many more. It has the same steps for download and install based on selection of the desired quality and format. KeepVid is another video downloader that can download in videos in different formats such as MP4, MP3, AVI, FLV, etc.
  • Browser extensions alternatives: Sometimes users can directly download videos during the course of watching the videos online with the help of some fantastic free browser plug-ins such as Kwizzu and DownloaHelper. Both these are very useful in downloading a video directly from the websites that run in various browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer, which are the commonly used browsers today.

Due to the wide range of advantages involved, users can always go for Elmedia Player, Airy, Folx as a SaveFrom alternatives Mac software so that watching videos no more remains confined within browser boundaries and can run in a hassle-free manner without Internet connection as well. This gives even more enhanced experience because the videos will be running smoothly without the flow getting hampered due to a fluctuating internet connection.