Evidence Needed to Support an Auto Accident Claim

The feeling when you see your car broken from an accident is truly devastating. The first thing that comes to the mind after an auto accident is insurance. Insurance is a protective shield that to some extent acts as a buffer and somewhat absorbs the monetary expenses associated with the accident.

Car accident attorneys los angeles seems pretty simple in theory but the amount of paperwork and evidence required is overwhelming. After the accident, you may be in sheer anguish and pain but putting that aside, you have to collect evidence which would prove that the auto accident happened, how it happened, and then this would also help you claim insurance.

The chance of you getting the claim is directly proportional to the paperwork and evidence you present. This basically means that more the evidence, the stronger your case would be. Here are some documents which you must furnish in order to successfully claim an auto accident insurance.

  1. Photographs: Photographic evidence is a must when you claim insurance. Make sure you take photographs from every angle. Skid marks on the road, dents on the vehicle, traffic signals and road signs near the accident site must also be photographed. It would be even better if you record a video showcasing the whole thing. Photographic evidence gives the surveyor a rough idea on how actually the accident happened.
  2. Information of witnesses: Insurance companies need to hear from witnesses, especially from the party who is at fault. Therefore it is crucial that you exchange phone numbers, names, addresses of the drivers involved in the wreck. Also, note down the license plate number of the vehicles involved in the wreck. Also make sure to note down the name, number, and address of witnesses who saw the accident.
  3. Statement of witnesses: Sometimes witnesses may provide additional insights into the case. They may also be able to present photos they clicked from a different angle. This is highly beneficial in successfully getting the claim.
  4. Police records: Police reports weigh more than anything else. It’s the police reports that determine the party at fault. Police records are perhaps the most important document in an auto accident claim.
  5. Maintain medical bills: If you have suffered an injury from the auto accident, make sure you go to the doctor for treatment as soon as possible. Maintain all the medical bills and reports. This will establish the fact that the injury was a result of the accident. You may even be compensated for the medical expenses if the claim is approved.
  6. Car repair bills: It is implied that during an accident, some damage would be inflicted on the vehicle. The severity of the damage may vary from case to case. Maintain all the bills from the car workshop even if it is the smallest of repairs.

These are some documents which you must furnish to successfully claim an auto accident insurance. These documents will help you build a strong case.