Importance of Obtaining a Birth Certificate Michigan

All US citizens are legally required to have a birth certificate. Since it is one of the most basic documents, it is usually overlooked. About 10,800 babies are born daily in the United States. In Michigan, about 113, 000 babies are born yearly. They are all expected to obtain valid birth certificates. Even though they tend to be forgotten in safe deposit boxes or drawers at home, they are very important documents. Lack of a birth certificate can limit access to government services, lead to social stigma and make it difficult to access justice when need arises. Lacking a birth certificate renders one legally unrecognizable. Birth Certificate Michigan acquisition helps the government to monitor the population growth, make budgets and provide social amenities and policies.

The Benefits of Having a Birth Certificate

  • Obtaining a Driver’s License

You need a driver’s license to legally drive in Michigan public roads. Before issuance, you need to prove who you are, that you live in Michigan and that you are a citizen of the United States. A birth certificate Michigan provides most of this information.

  • Travel

In order to obtain a passport, you may need to provide a birth certificate as proof of identity. Even though it is not a basic travel requirement, there are instances where one may be forced to use birth certificates to prove their identity. For children, for example, a birth certificate may be the only proof of identity they can use to obtain a passport for international travels.

  • Proof of Citizenship

A birth certificate can be used as proof of citizenship. If you can provide an original birth certificate issued by the state, city or county of birth, that has a seal of issuing authority, you are considered a US citizen by birth. You may need to prove your citizenship in a court of law or when dealing with various levels of US government

  • Proof of relationship to Parents

Proof of parent-child relationship may be necessary for immigration or personal reasons. Immigrants to the USA are allowed to bring their children with them. In order to prove that they are in fact bringing their children and not other people with them, a birth certificate is necessary. There are alternative documents but birth certificates are the most basic. Some companies offer scholarships and other benefits to the children of their employees. Birth certicates are important in proving identity and relationship.

  • Getting a Social Security Number For a Baby

You can easily apply for a social security number for your baby when applying for their birth certificate. A social security number will enable you to get medical coverage and other government services for your child.