Interesting Uses for CBD

One of the main cannabinoids in cannabis is CBD. This is not to be confused with the psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis called THC. The main difference between the two is that CBD doesn’t produce a “high”, while THC does. Recent research into the cannabinoid has found that it is effective at treating and helping a wide number of different conditions and diseases.

Here are a few uses that CBD is effective for:


Acne is commonly associated with teenagers during puberty, but acne is common in people of all ages. In a recent study, which was released from the Journal of Clinical Investigation and the National Institute of Health,found that CBD could be used as an effective treatment route for acne. In the study, the team of researchers made use of cannabidiol on what are known as the sebaceous glands of the subjects under study, and they found that CBD acts as an excellent sebostatic – and by that we mean it is an anti-inflammatory agent which prevents the synthesis of lipids, which produces acne.


Diabetes is one of the fastest growing conditions at the moment. A team of researchers used CBD and it was found that the Cannabidiol prevented mice from developing diabetes. The reason for this was that the CBD stopped the manufacture of what are known as IL-12, which is a type of cytokine. This cytokine plays a major part in a number of conditions, such as diabetes.


A team of German scientists in 2012 looked at the link between CBD and Schizophrenia and published their findings in theTranslational Psychiatry journal. They compared the existing treatment for Schizophrenia (Amisulpride) with CBD in 42 subjects, who each had the condition. Both treatments worked well, but CBD produced little side effects. This means the CBD could be seen as a better treatment option.

Multiple Sclerosis

Researchers based at the renownedCajal Institute made use of animal models & cultures of cells to identify that CBD was able to reverse inflammatory responses. They also found that CBD offered good protection from the symptoms of MS.In the study, it was found that after 10 days of CBD given to mice, they had better motor skillsas a result, and the condition wasn’t as advanced compared to the mice that were not given CBD.


Insomnia is a growing problem, and CBD has been hinted at as an effective treatment to help conquer Insomnia. Many of the existing treatment options for the condition can lead to addiction and make you feel tired the following day. Because CBD is not addictive, it has been seen to be a good at combating Insomnia. This is especially true if you choose a strain from the Indica range or strains with a high concentration of CBD.

If you would like to use CBD for your condition, we’d recommend that you visit your local dispensary. Have a look at the dispensaries near me tool, which will help you locate your nearest location, and they will be able to help you select the right treatment option.