New jeep maintenance tips

Most of the jeep owners do not often check on their new jeeps until they develop a problem. However, there are recommended maintenance practices performed on the vehicle regularly to enhance its performance, reduce pollution and lower the risk of a breakdown. There are several tune-ups that you can perform to improve its reliability and comfort. Here are new Jeep general maintenance tips that you should keep in mind.

Wiper blades

Change the wiper blades at least once every year or as soon as they become worn out or damaged. Driving with worn out blades can be a safety hazard as they lead to visibility impairment and might lead you to cause an accident. Check them before the start of any wet season.


Brake pads wear out as you use your vehicle. Unfortunately, you may not notice the change in your car’s performance. Your jeep stops even with the worn out brake pads but will not do it as it should. You may hit objects and other road users especially in the case of emergencies; when you need to apply the emergency brakes.

Tail lights

Tail lights tell other road users what you are doing. In this age where there are very many distracted drivers, there is a risk that someone may hit you if they do not see the tail lights. Check the lights regularly and ensure other road users can decipher your actions, by making sure the lights are shining as they should. Take the car to an auto center if the lights are dimmed or cloudy.

Air filter

 The air filter traps the debris and dust and prevents them from being sucked into your engines. It gets clogged pretty fast especially in off-road conditions. If not changed regularly, it can lower the Jeep’s fuel economy with as much as 10 percent. Fortunately changing an air filter only costs a few dollars.

Oil changes

The oil is the lifeline of the Jeep engine. It lubricates and cools. However, with time, impurities build up in the oil which lowers the performance of the engine. It is good to have the oil checked on a regular basis and changed when it gets thick with impurities. Oil changes will save you cash in engine failure repairs.


Tune-ups are part of the new Jeep general maintenance in that they improve car performance and your comfort.  Some of the common tune-ups that may be performed on your Jeep include:

  • Replacing the spark plugs
  • Checking the performance of the fuel injector
  • Checking the powertrain computer for any faults
  • Regular inspection of the electrical, mechanical and emissions for problems

 With these general maintenance actions, your jeep can serve you more reliable, perform better on the road and cut the repair costs. Take your jeep to an auto center for inspection regularly.