Organon Deca Durabolin–Results And Dosage

The trade named for Organon is DecaDurabolin. This is a popular steroid which is injectable and many users experience anabolic effects and see good increase in their muscle mass. Many athletes and trainers use it as this is the best anabolic steroid. This is an oil based injectable steroid which will be sold in different sized containers and generally they are available in 100mg packets.



This is an injectable steroid which is easy on liver and it helps in muscle mass as well as weight gain. This also comes with weight loss but is not preferred for cutting cycles. This is a drug which is highly anabolic and has light androgenic effects. This also has the capacity to reduce and shut the testosterone production in the body. The gains which are dissipated with the use of deca durabolin 1ml amp will reduce after the bulking cycle ends, this is the reason why  few users experience water retention. This is the main reason, people use this steroid just before their contest. This supplement is mostly used in conjunction with testosterone.

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Helps in lean muscle growth and in increasing the red blood cell production

It is designed for developing the muscles wasting disease. This supplement helps in producing lean muscle growth as well as increase the bone density. The dosage of using this supplement is from six to eight weeks and helps in increasing the red blood cell production. OrganonDeca also helps in improving the synthesis of protein, endurance, performance as well as retention of nitrogen. This steroid is used for recovering a person from intense workouts as well as to cover the chronic pain and injuries.

Results of using deca and dosage

This steroid DecaDurabolin is used as second fame only for testosterone. Its stacked only for promoting the lean muscle mass. This is considered as class III drug and is controlled substance. The half life is 14 to 16days, but its traces are found in blood as well as urine even after 16 to 18 months. The oral form is slow and this is the reason OrganonDecaDurbolin is used in injection. This steroid is used totally by the body and reduces the risk of liver damage. It has the ratio of 125:37 for anabolic and androgenic properties. It has high affinity of androgen receptors in their muscle tissues and helps in binding the receptors effectively. This steroid is most commonly used as injection. The dose ranges from 200mg to 400mg. When this is the dose, the users will have almost low to non-existent of the estrogen properties. The injection will be given directly into the muscle. Few recommend the dose of DecaDurabolin between 250-500mg for a week. But this dose must be for those who have one year of usage. This will let the user know if the body is able to tolerate the drug or not and this helps a person in reducing the risk of allergies or over dose. Females must make sure to limit the dose between 50mg and 150mg each week. The other main thing is that their cycle must not be more than four to seven weeks. Many times this steroid is recommended to stack with testosterone.