Planning a Trip to Bangkok? Tips on Right Time to Visit

Bangkok is one of the most visited cities in the world where you can find tourists from different parts of the globe. It is one of the busiest cities of Thailand and tourists can be found almost throughout the year. People come here for various reasons like sightseeing, shopping, or to taste different foods.

  • Best time for sightseeing

The tourist crowd can be found in Bangkok throughout the year and hence you have to struggle with crowd whenever you visit here. However, certain times can be really worse than many other seasons. During mid-April the Thai New Year is celebrated and naturally you can see big crowd. Christmas and New Year is another time when you can see bigger crowd. Therefore, if you visit in late November to early December, it is the best time to visit Bangkok. September and October months are rainy season and therefore the crowd is less. If you are interested to see the beaches then visit during December to March. Bangkok food tours can also be done during this time.

  • Best time for shopping

Between mid-junes to mid-August is the right time to visit Bangkok for shopping purpose as most of the shops offer discounts of 10 to 80 per cent during this time. Try to visit during morning hours to avoid big rush and get fresh items. It is usually crowded in the evening and you may not find many of the items.

  • For cheaper hotels

July and August are the low season as it is the monsoon season; therefore visitors are comparatively less during this season. Therefore, you can get most of the hotels at much cheaper rate as compared to the other season. In the rainy season, the visitor can spend time visiting aquariums, temples or any other entertainment complexes. Shopping is another activity that can keep you engaged during this season.