Practical Evidence for Combining Lifting & Cardio

Yes, mixing cardio and lifting workouts is beneficial. It is, in fact, more productive than only doing one set of these two workouts. However, this is only true if applied correctly. If you've been going to the gym regularly, by now, you should know the difference between the two exercises.

Most gym-goers prefer one exercise to the other. This is due to lack of knowledge of the advantages of both. When we join the gym, we mostly rely on our coaches or trainers to tell us what's right and wrong.

That's where we go wrong. We should also be responsible enough to research what's happening to our bodies.

Most Effective Fat Burner

Experts have proven that a mix of both workouts in one's training routine is highly effective for weight loss. Incorporating cardio into weight training routines has proven to help towards gaining a leaner body. Do not overwork your body, however. Both exercises need energy and overdoing it may cause more harm than good. Try starting with weights first.

Health Improvement

Studies prove that consistent but unmonitored weight training is likely to cause health complications. During recovery, cardio workouts have been proven to be effective. Using cardio as a post-work-out exercise has been shown to reduce recovery time.

Cardio exercises alone are suitable for both the heart and the lungs. These play a significant role in improving blood flow throughout the body. Your immune system mutually benefits, and your body stays healthy as you progress with your workout. Correct weight training will help push cardio further and faster; this leads me to my next point.

Progressive Overload

Doing cardio before weights is more beneficial than you may even know. Mixing short-duration workouts with high-intensity ones provides more oxygen to your muscles. This will help your body to push longer and harder. Thus, improving strength gain.

Maintaining this routine ensures progression and maximizes adaptation.

Aerobic exercises also help you to loosen up after a long period of weight training. This helps in maintaining training form.

Energy System Management

You should perform low-intensity state sessions (LISS), followed by high-intensity workouts the next day. Experts have documented that an athlete is able to perform better in weight exercises after a day of LISS. Do remember that your body and muscles need time to recover, though, and they shouldn't be overworked.

Athletes who perform active mobility and stretching exercises often admit to a speedy recovery. The exercises should be performed 7-8 hours after a session. If you feel exhausted, you can rest till the next, then do a recovery exercise.


Becoming a hybrid athlete is not only beneficial, it's also healthy and is advised by many trainers. However, your body will need more effort. Try visiting for products that can help you gain more and faster from your exercises. If you were only seeking verification to pick a fat burning exercise. Take note that adapting to hybrid training will help you maintain your body in the future without too much worry. Both exercises are good, but they only become great once you have the proper way of working the two together.