Say to your cells age gracefully with telomere length testing!

Telomere length testing is done just by taking a blood sample but it is one such test that will not reveal any sort of pathological issue or illness rather it detect your chromosomal age. Our body is made up of complex things as we have DNA, RNA so and so forth well; we are not going to get into all that instead here we are going to throw light on how you can easily assess the age of the cells.

If you are clueless, then this is the perfect way to halt over so that you can get insight about the test. In addition, how you can easily get it done to know how you can take up things in the right stride. It is common to see that people are paying attention to both the outward beauty and health as well but if you really want to know about your body’s ageing process then telomere length testing is the right test that you must get it done to know the real ageing process that is going within your body.

As the person age’s most chromosomes gets shorter and this is the reason why telomere are considered as a good indicator of biological age. A window test will help you to get insight about health, susceptibility to disease such as cancer and Alzheimer’s, lifespan and so on.

A lot of factors comes into play even when we are talking about physical ageing process even wins have different ageing process so it is certainly not applicable that person of same age will be same biologically as well. There are certain lifestyles modifications that will help you to age in right manner, as this will give you one of the reasons to bring back the life full of positivity. In addition, it will give your idea about the current condition of the body. Achieving ideal body weight is very essential, as this will give you clear idea, as this will help you to know about the body in the right manner.

Now that the test discloses that you have shorter telomere, fret not! There are ways through which you can easily make the most, as it will help you to do the right things that will allow you lead better life and the same time you can increase the length of telomere.

In vitro studies have proven that oxidation plays big part in shortening  the length of telomere, and one of the major reason of oxidation in the body  in stress as  it increase the growth of free radicals in the body thereby your  body has to put in extra efforts to fight off with the demon called free radicals. In addition,other underlying factors also make your telomere shorter thus; it becomes important to keep watch, as this will give you more clear idea about your health; and how you can work on it to improve it in the best manner possible.