Seniors And Hearing Problems

Many people have no idea this, but former President Bill Clinton used a assistive hearing device. Clinton was the second youngest president ever elected to office, and part of the "baby boomer generation" born between 1945 and 1964. At age only 51, midway through his two terms as US President, Clinton sometimes used a assistive hearing device.

New research has proven that seniors tend to be more prone to hearing problems than earlier generations. More and more people within their 40's and 50's are turning the television up louder, asking their children to repeat the things they stated, and getting trouble hearing another finish of the telephone conversation.


Why Boomers Particularly?

Exactly why is hearing problems a large problem for seniors? In towards the natural hearing problems that is included with age, the earth has be a noisier place. Loud machinery, airplanes, automobile engines, tools, the lawnmowers all increase the cacophony.

Boomers operate in louder places than their folks did. Workplace environmental noise is becoming an more and more big health condition. It's worsened because workers get accustomed to the noise they're uncovered to everyday.

And, boomers provide lifestyle. Leisure activities frequently include loud music from loudspeakers, engines on motorboats or motorcycles, and pursuits like shooting, all of which are noisy.


And, yes, boomers similar to their music LOUD. Not just were seniors (including Clinton) the very first generation elevated on pounding drums and screaming guitars today's technology enables us to savor our music at ear-splitting decibel levels. Our parents could not crank that Victrola-as if you can crank your stereo, plus they did not have earphones.

The Length Of The Issue?

Hearing problems is an infinitely more serious issue than many people imagine. Even slight hearing problems makes it hard to hear telephone conversations, in order to write out sounds inside a loud atmosphere.

In addition, a person suffers hearing problems even though you can't feel it. Lengthy before you decide to feel discomfort at hig volume levels, noise starts to damage your hearing. When you see that you simply can't hear very well, the harm is performed.

Research has discovered that very couple of boomers seek medical help for hearing problems. Even less are becoming tested by an audiologist. Hearing problems occurs progressively, which is difficult to tell for those who have lost some hearing with time.

What Is The Solution?

Surveys reveal that boomers are comfortable with their hearing difficulties. It might appear like no problem. Who would like to turn the stereo lower, anyway?

However, seeking medical help will go a lengthy way. Hearing problems is permanent, but steps can be created to avoid further hearing problems. The earlier you find a solution, the greater the chance have saving your hearing.

Apart from visiting the physician, there are several guidelines you are able to follow:

Try your very best to avoid loud environments. If you need to shout to become heard, it's too loud.

If you need to maintain a loud atmosphere, put on earplugs. They are cheap and incredibly effective to keep the noise out. Earmuffs might also work, with respect to the material cloth does not repel noise.

I understand, "Whether it's too loud, you are too old!" Well, seniors have lengthy since passed age where it might be awesome to state something of that nature! Keep rocking, but transform it lower just a little, ok?