The basic guide: prom dress alteration

No matter how perfect is the dress that you have selected, some alterations are required. It is the most important step that you need to go through in order to get your dress right. You will very rarely find a dress that is going to fit perfectly. But this can be easily achieved with the help of some alteration so that you will look your best on your prom night. If you are looking forward to making some changes to the prom dresses, we have some of the tips to help you out.

To take a size bigger or smaller

In general, it is quite easy to take the extra cloth out instead of adding the fabric. The addition of the fabric is quite complicated as you have to find the matching color with the same material and find a way to hide all the seams. If you ever happen to fail to choose between two different sizes, make sure to go for the larger one as it will be easy to alter and maybe less expensive too. It will be approximately the same price for you to take in an inch or two. So if you are uncertain about the dress, you need to order one or two sizes up as it will be easier to alter.


Prom dresses are generally created for girls who are less than 5 feet 9inches in height, in case you are shorter than this you can easily get the dress hemmed. But if you are taller, you need to shop for dresses that are specialty tall. This is to make sure that you have enough fabric in order to generate the right length according to your height. Make sure to measure the dress with the shoes that you are going to wear on your prom night. This happens to provide you with the right idea about the length of the dress. You obviously do not want to trip on your long prom dress on your prom night. This can happen if you wore high heels at the time of measurement and then replaced it with flats. You need to be in the right shoes while measurement and at the occasion itself.


It is found that some styles and fabrics of the dress are comparatively easier and quicker to alter than the others that are available. You need to shop accordingly while looking for your favorite prom dress. A long prom dress with different layers will surely be difficult to alter and can also charge you a fortune. The fabrics that are hard to work with include silk and taffeta, these can be really hard to manage, and your dress might end up losing its grace. That is why we recommend you to choose the dress with the fabric that can be altered easily and without causing much expense.

Also, be sure to go to a well trained and experienced seamstress in order to get the dress of your dreams altered perfectly.