The Broadfork tool: Could this be an ultimate garden gift?

Are you thinking of a tool that would be very useful for your garden or a present for a first-time gardener? Well, this calls for a garden tool that has the capacity of reducing work input, increasing yields, and making the garden soil better. A piece of garden equipment that is synonymous to all these can be found at BroadforkTool.

This is a simple-to-use tool that is sufficient for manual soil aeration – a worthy alternative for the motor operated rototiller. It looks like a wide pitchfork that has a handle on both sides. And using it is simple; you just have to place the tines on the ground before hopping onto the crossbar to move it deeper into the soil with the weight of your body. You don’t need any special skill to do this; you could just move from side to side while on the crossbar and then pull the handles backwards to lift the garden bed. Well, that’s not all – just continue this process till you have covered the garden area that you want.

Now, let’s look at reasons why the broadfork could be a well-needed tool for every gardener.

Reasons the broadfork is considered a must-have tool for gardeners

No planting delays: When the soil is wet, the rototiller becomes almost useless. This is because the rototiller instead of loosening up the soil as it is intended to; in damp soil, it creates little bricks in which the roots of plants cannot penetrate. In order words, the soil structure gets damaged. The soil being damp shouldn’t be a reason to delay gardening if you can get a broadfork. The broadfork is effective for working soil aeration irrespective of the soil being slightly damp or dry. Imagine how much time one can save with this.

Eliminates noise pollution: even your neighbors would appreciate you using the broadfork manually, instead of the motor operated rototiller. You also stand to benefit from the peace, sound of the singing birds and smell the fresh soil while working with the broadfork manually - rather than that of the noise and exhaust of the motor equipment.

Ease of use: Have you seen the broadfork in use? Even little kids from the age of 6 can use this tool without getting anyone hurt. However, you can’t say the same about a motor operated rototiller. The broadfork is operated mainly using the weight of your body.

Going deeper: Have you noticed that the motor operated rototiller only touches about 4 to 6 inches into the soil? Whereas the tines of a broadfork can get to about 10 to 16 inches into the soil. What would be better to use in creating a channel that your deep rooted plants would use to access water in times of dry spell and other nutrients that are located deep down in the soil?

The benefits of using a broadfork tool for gardening doesn’t stop with just these few, there are many more. By now, you should have found an answer to your questions about selecting a broadfork.