The Life of a Lawyer

Lawyers are a special breed of individuals. Especially those who don’t just do it for the money but for the love of what they do and serving people with integrity and justice. Lawyers are the people who represent individuals or businesses on different legal issues and disputes. Majority of lawyers work in private and corporate legal offices. Some of them work for the government but not so often.

Lawyers have work weeks that extend beyond the normal 40 hours of work as there is a lot of research, study, paperwork and meetings outside the Court that they need to attend to. The legal system is extremely time-sensitive and that is why there is such long hours of work that goes into being a lawyer. Most lawyers work either in an office, law library or courtroom setting. So even though it might look like they are living it up sometimes, most lawyers carry a lot of stress on their shoulders.

Lawyers who practice law legally and do it right must have a law degree. After they have obtained an undergraduate degree they must complete a law school program in order to obtain a juris doctorate degree.When all the degrees are in place they must write and pass a very difficult and lengthy statebar examination to get admitted as a lawyer of theSupreme Court of an Australian State or Territory.

Lawyers get about AU$69,090 per year on average as a salary in Australia. This might become higher as experience levels increase.  And the location in Australia can also slightly affect the salary amount. The salary that lawyers earn in Australia generally reaches a peak at 20 years of experience in the field. That is why most people practicing law as lawyers move on to other positions after 10 to 20 years in this career.

Lawyers generally have an excellent ability to analyse and be able to interpret laws and legal rulings. They should be skilled at gathering and applying information. They have to be able to retain large amounts of information.And they need to accurately execute all of their duties. Lawyers also need to be exceptionally good communicators both verbally and in writing. They need to be able to generate very persuasive arguments as well as excel at solving problematic tasks.

Some of a lawyers’ duties includes advising clients in business transactions and the legal rights and obligations in those transactions, meeting with judges and questioning witnesses during trials, representing clients in court cases and presenting those cases well to judges and juries. Lawyers are also responsible for gathering evidence in order to put together a defence or to initiate legal action where necessary. Lawyers should also be able to analyse and interpret laws, rulings and regulations and be able to convey them clearly to clients along with probable case outcomes that can be expected.

The life of a lawyer can be a busy, time-consuming and stress-filled one. But for those who do it for the love of the job and the love of the people will find it most rewarding to stand in those shoes and live out the life of a lawyer.