What is Toyota safety sense?

As a leading global automobile manufacturer, Toyota has taken on an initiative to develop technologies designed to promote safety while on the road. The Toyota safety sense is made of technologies that help mitigate accidents for different car models. The Toyota safety sense technologies come in various packages that are designed for specific car sizes and models.

The rollout of the Toyota safety initiative from 2015 has reached Europe, North America, Japan, Asian countries and is now on a stretch to cover the entire globe.

The initiative is made up four major technologies.

Pre-Collision System

The first technology is the Pre-Collision System that uses a camera and laser radar to identify objects in front of the vehicle to prompt the driver to stop or avoid the objects. If the driver chooses to brake, the system offers additional power to the braking force to ensure that the car stops.

However, if the driver receives an alert on the possibility of collision and ignores it, the system automatically takes over and applies the brakes. The system is designed to reduce acceleration and bring the speed of the vehicle down by about 19 miles in an hour to counter the impact of the collision.

Automatic High Beam 

The second technology of the Toyota safety sense is the Automatic High Beam. This technology is meant to optimize vision at night for driving at night and allows you to switch between low and high beam light for safer driving.

Road Sign Assist 

The third technology is the Road Sign Assist, which is applied to monitor road signs ahead and to prompt the driver to take action. If a road sign marks a speed limit, the driver is prompted to slow down. The road sing assist also provides visual and audio warnings if the driver is not obeying the indications of the road signs.

Adaptive Cruise Control

This technology provides the driver with a preset minimum distance between them and the car in front. If this distance falls, the car is automatically slowed down.

The availability of the Toyota Safety Sense varies from one car model to another as designated during manufacture.