Unraveling the Drug Anavar

Anavar also was known as Oxandrolone is a synthetic derivative of the naturally produced hormone dihydrotestosterone.  It is a drug which has been commonly used in combination with other drugs to give the desired effect. In male athletes, the use of Anavar is not widely accepted, but it has some desired effects which outweigh the negative effects of its counterparts.

Anavar is the synthetic derivative of the male hormone present in the body dihydrotestosterone, but it is no solely present in males.  The synthetic form contains a 17α-derivative of the natural hormone dihydrotestosterone which contains oxygen in place of carbon in the second position.  It has a lot of beneficial uses in comparison to other steroidal drugs. The best us of the Anavar is because it can be used both by the male as well as female athletes. It is a drug which is mildly androgenic hence it does not cause acne in males due to hormonal changes in the body. In order to get the desired effect, Anavar Cycle along with a combination of other drugs is taken to get the desired effect.

Anavar due to its use in the derivative form can be easily taken orally. It is present in the body after metabolism in the liver. The amount of drug that survives enters the bloodstream and helps in making the desired changes in the body.

Benefits of Anavar

In male users, the use of Anavar is required to be done in a concentration of 20-100mg.  Anavar is required more in males in comparison to other steroidal drugs like Anadrol, Dianabol which has more effect in the bulking up of the body. Hence the use of Anavar is more expensive than the others. Since it is mildly androgenic, it does not suppress the effect of the naturally synthesized testosterone in the body. Use of Anavar in the cycle has less effect on the muscle building but is required for loss of the fat in the body. Anavar has a predominant effect on the cutting cycles of the body which gives the body a sculpted look.

Anavar is a more popular product among its female users.  Since female athletes do not need to bulk up their body to that extent, Anavar use gives them the desired physique. Anavar does not aromatize to form estrogen in the body; hence the use of this does not cause hormonal changes in the female body.

Use of Anavar in cycle

The use of Anavar in male ranges from 20-100mg whereas in females it is required in much fewer doses like 2.5-20mg. In female users the use of the drug in 20mg can lead to virilization, so requires to be used carefully used in small doses. Anavar can be safely used for the first time users due to its mild effect.  In most cases, Anavar Cycle helps in maintaining the lean muscle mass even in the calorie deficit cycle in the presence of a heavy cardio exercise regime.  Anavar use leads to some visible changes like vascularisation (vein development), increase in strength after a few days. In spite of all these changes, the drug needs to be used carefully.