Use manual settings to have full control over the camera

Cameras today comes with various settings that are needed to take perfect pictures. Manual mode is the basic and the most important settings of any camera. Manual settings allow the user to have full control over the settings while clicking the picture. The person who has little to no knowledge about manual settings can also use manual settings by keeping the settings at auto mode. You can easily master the technique used to take photos of golden hours, sunset, dark hours, etc. Manual settings give you the opportunity to take control of the three most important settings namely, ISO, shutter speed and aperture.

Reasons to use manual settings in the camera

  • Take creative control: One of the biggest reason that you should use manual settings is that it allows you to have complete control on shutter speed, ISO and aperture. Aperture gives you control on the depth. Shutter speed helps to capture motion.
  • Control on lighting: There are times when the lighting gives a tough time to the photographer while clicking photo. Auto modes cannot be used in such conditions. With manual settings, the user can control lighting according to the requirement.
  • Consistent exposures: In auto mode, the camera decides the extent of brightness and darkness of the picture. Manual camera settings give you control to adjust the brightness of the picture.

Different manual camera settings

  • Shutter speed: Shutter speed can better be understood as the time for which shutter of the camera remains open. The sharpness of your image depends on the shutter speed.
  • Aperture: Aperture knew by the name light meter setting controls the amount of light that is transmitted in the camera. It also controls the depth of the scene.
  • ISO: ISO settings help the photographer to click pictures in low light areas as it allows more light in the camera.