What does physical therapy involve?

First and foremost physical therapy assesses the current physical abilities of the injured person. How the patient can utilise the other limbs in association with injury with minimal damage to the injured area. How to do certain movements or exercise that would facilitate faster rehabilitation by teaching the injured person and also involving the person to initiate the process of healing. Here the physical therapist allows the injured sportsman to habilitate, which is to make him fit for a particular function, rehabilitate, which is to make him perform a function that he no longer can do because of injury and finally promotion that is making the sportsman aware to take care of their bodies to prevent further injuries. Visit https://nydnrehab.com/treatment-methods/what-is-sports-physical-therapy/ for more knowhow.

When an elder person under goes this therapy, he will experience less pain and have more mobility. Weight loss is also achieved with less stress.

What causes hip groin pain?

While this is a general symptom most commonly seen in athletes, it can happen to anyone. There are few most common causes for this.

  1. Inguinal hernia – a condition when internal tissues push into the groin muscle causing a lump and resulting in pain.
  2. Kidney stones
  3. Bone fractures
  4. Strain due to physical activity
  5. Urinary tract infections
  6. Enlarged lymph nodes
  7. Inflammation in testicles
  8. Inflammation in intestines
  9. Cysts in ovaries
  10. Pinched nerves in the back.


When a nerve is pinched, one can feel

  • Sharp and radiating pain, which may initially come and go and later become persistent
  • numbness in the area of pinch,
  • tingling and pinching sensation,
  • muscle weakness

If the nerve compression lasts for a longer time, it may result in swelling, scarring and extra pressure at that area.

Common areas where pinching of nerve happens are wrist, nerve at elbows, nerve in the upper thighs, nerves at knees, sciatic nerve where pain travels from back to the leg,  nerve in the neck causing pain in the neck and shoulders. Visit https://nydnrehab.com/treatment-methods/what-is-sports-physical-therapy/ for more knowhow.

Core conditioning is a method that is adopted in the rehabilitation programs. The core includes the important parts of the body like the pelvis, back and includes the chest muscles. Core is the main part that gives the stability and flexibility on the muscles. Conditioning of the core parts is essential for preventing the injuries and also to maintain the right postures.

For a person who is a beginner in this field can benefit in developing the strength and endurance without causing any wear and tear on the joints.

This can help in many ways like to help the person to return back to his normal activities as safely as possible.

Gait analysis is another method used where they check the electromyography of person. This helps in viewing the motion and force, and the timing can be noted. The other method is CAREN which is nothing but Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment. Where the person can be diagnosed and evaluated. Using different methods, sports physical therapy can solve the defect or any kind of pain in an athlete and help in increasing the performance.