What to Do After an Accident

Involvement in a car accident does not come with pleasant consequences. You may suffer fatal injuries. Even if it is a minor injury, mental trauma is always high. However, you have to keep your head cool as you have to think clearly about the next steps. Here is a checklist of some must-do things at the site of accident and afterwards.

Should I Stay At The Scene?

Of course. Never leave the site immediately after the accident until it is right to do so. If you leave the site, especially when someone has expired or picked up an injury, the police will level a ‘hit and run’ charge against you. It is a serious criminal offense and results into financial penalties.

Check On Other Passengers and Drivers

A fatal car accident may involve several drivers and passengers. It is important to check if any of them has suffered injuries and needs immediate medical attention. If anyone has become unconscious, wait for the medical team to arrive at the site as it is not right to move the persons unless it requires to move him/her.

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Inform the Police

Whenever an accident takes place, it is must to call the police. You need to make immediate call if the accident has caused severe injuries, even death and physical damages.  Ask for a report of police file. Also get the reporting cops’ names and badge numbers.

Collect Details

You have to gather extensive details after the accident. Make sure to collect the followings:

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Drivers’ License Numbers & License Plate Numbers
  • Every Driver’s Insurance Details
  • Injured Passengers’ Names & Addresses

Make certain to hang a cooperative and cordial attitude while talking to drivers and passengers while collecting required details. However, you must not admit your responsibility for the accident. Leave it to the judges to decide who the culprit is. Furthermore, in many states of the USA, legal responsibility is not taken into consideration to decide which party will have to compensate for the loss. Therefore, it will be foolish of you to admit your guilt.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Dial the contact number of your insurance company after an accident. You must not hide anything about how the accident happened and how serious your injury is. Explain everything clearly to them. If your insurer finds out at any point of time that you lied to them, you will face unpleasant consequences including denial of necessary coverage. Get a copy of police report to produce to the insurance company. The report includes every detail about the primary investigation and who is thought to be the culprit.

File Your Medical Bills

If you have sustained an injury, you need medical treatment. Keep copies of all medical bills to produce to your insurer and Seattle auto accident attorney for verification and consideration. Medical expenses for physical injuries are easy to file. However, it is extremely difficult to prove pain and suffering. Maintain a record of how much wage you have lost due to your accidental injury. Also document if you cannot undertake regular activities and how your injuries have negatively affected your family life.