Winstrol: Getting the Best in the Slimming Cycle

It is important for a person to increase their weight to get their desired physique. The increaseis mainly done by athletes at the starting in the off-season phase. It is important for the athletes to get the lean muscle mass just prior a competition and they use many steroids in the process. The most well known in this group that cause lean muscle gain is Winstrol.  It is important for any beginners who are starting on the steroid to understand the effects and the cycles of use to get the optimum result.  Understanding the effects also helps a person understand the negative impacts of use which they can rectify if the need arises.


Winstrol was initially marketed by the Winthrop laboratories in 1950. It has been used since then by various bodybuilders to cut the body fat that leads to leaner muscles in the body. In fact, this is a much-favoured look in the various bodybuilding competitions across the world; it is due to this reason that people have used not only exercises but also used alternatives like Winstrol for the purpose. The generic name of the drug is known as Stanozolol has a closely similar structure of the dihydrotestosterone, a male hormone that is present in the body. It contains two alterations in the structure, a pyrazole ring in place of a 3- keto group classifying it as a heterocyclic containing asteroid. The presence of a methyl group in the structure classifies the steroid as a 17-aa ring.  This modification allows consumption of Winstrol as anoral steroid for a slimming cycle.

The different uses of the anabolic

 Many people do classify the Winstrol to be the best in the business. Thismakes people curious about the different effects of the steroid use.  The changes in the structure of the steroid contribute to a decrease in the androgenicity. Another important factor is that it deals with a decrease in the level of the bound serum globin hormone in the blood. This allows the increase in the levels of the free hormone in the body which affects the body to produce a better result. It also increases the retention of the nitrogen in the body that contributes to the muscle formation in the body. It has also caused adecrease in the glucocorticoid levels in the body.

Results of the use of Winstrol

 It is important to decrease the level of the food consumption along with regular exercises to obtain the ideal lean muscles in the body. The combination of the Winstrol leads to increase the energy generation in the body. This causes loss of the unwanted fat alongwith an increase in the red blood cells in the body. Winstrol contributes to an increase in the level of the oxygenated blood. It has also been used to lose weight by using it as anoral steroid for a slimming cycle by women. Theuse can also lead to increased discomfort in the bones due to dryness in the joint.  It is due to this reason that people suffering from joint pains should never use it. It has been seen to be very liver toxic and due to this reason overuse of the steroid is not recommended.