Is it worth paying so much for Anavar from Meditech?

The 10 mg dosages of Meditech’s Anavar were previously known as Oxandrolone only. The brand name had become Anavar in USA, and that is how it was circulated thereafter. This steroid doesn’t work to make your body bulkier, but it does burn fat and make you rip. The muscle mass that you gain with fat will burn off and is usually irreversible. This is not like what happens with the regular steroids. The 10 mg pills of Anavar will put less stress on liver or affect the natural sex drive. You might get the product in other countries, and it is also sold in black markets. However, it is not a cheap option and you must note that.

History of Anavar 10 mg

Every part of the world knows Oxandrolone as Anavar now. Even the Indian name of Oxandrolone is Anavar, while the drug was first named by the Americans. It was initially manufactured by Searle, and was a mild steroid that could help children to grow. It is said that using steroids will hinder the rate of growth, but that’s not really true.

The extra estrogen that the steroid produces can hinder growth, and that is why many women stop growing before men. Meditech product will not lead to aromatization, and that means that it doesn’t hinder the growth rate. Women do well in terms of recommended dosages of Anavar, and until the last few years, it was also used to treat osteoporosis. People started thinking differently about steroid during the 80s, and that explains why Oxandrolone 10 mg is not used as much as before.

Searle stopped producing the medicine during the 80s and that was usually because of less demand and less profit. It was tough to get a pharmacy in the US, until the last few years. BTG now manufactures Anavar and makes it available at the stores with the name Oxandrin. It brand has all the rights of the drugs and sells for HIV treatments too.

Anabolic effects of Anavar

Anavar doesn’t have an androgenic impact but it is mildly anabolic in nature. This is because the drug was made up of DHT. You might think that it has more of the androgenic impact, but that contains decreased 5-alpha. It is not stronger due to the makeup, and will not work like testosterone will. It gets balanced when it is about muscles and its impact on the skin, scalp and prostate. The same thing happens with Winstrol and Promobolan. However, that has not been confirmed to be androgenic.

How many 10 mg pill do you have in a day?

Oxandrolone will not help you bulk up, so there is no point overdosing yourself. People who want to cut are going to retain water. Men tend to use 20 to 50 mg of the drug per day, and that means 2-5 pills. You could supplement the drug with Winstrol and Promobolan to get ripped. Get access to the Indian name of Oxandrolone and you would know you have the universal product at hand.